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The Dual Monarchy refers to the Austria-Hungarian Empire. It is called the Dual monarchy because it was a combination of the Austrian and Hungarian Kingdoms, and their Monarchies.

This came into being by the Compromise of 1867.

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Dual monarchy happens when two separate kingdoms are ruled by the same monarch. The countries of Austria and Hungary were combined in a dual monarchy from 1867 to 1918.

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Q: What was the dual monarchy a combination of?
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Why was the dual monarchy formed?

The constitutional monarchy combined the countries of Austria and Hungary in a dual monarchy. The dual monarchy came about as a result of the Compromise of 1867 made the two monarchies equal. The dual monarchy collapsed after the end of World War I.

What does the Ausgleich refer to?

The establishment of the Dual Monarchy in Austria

What was the nation with dual monarchy in WW1?

Austria-Hungary was called the dual monachy.

Which was known as Dual Monarchy?


What did the dual monarchy give Hungary?

The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 is what gave dual monarchy to Austria and Hungary. This re-established and reorganized the sovereignty of Hungary.

Can you hold dual citizenship in a constitutional monarchy?

Whether a country is a constitutional monarchy or not does not have any bearing on the question of whether you can have dual citizenship in such a country. As a result, the answer depends on the particular country in question and its policy on dual citizenship.

What does ausgleich refers to?

The establishment of the Dual Monarchy in Austria

The dual monarchy gave hungary its own?

No guy

Nation called the Dual Monarchy?


Who helped create the dual monarchy?

Ferenc Deak

Austria-Hungary was known as?

It was often referred to as the Dual Monarchy.

What were the two empires that were form from the Austrian Empire called?

dual monarchy.