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Under the feudal system no lords owned any land; they simply held it legally from the king or from the Church (the only two landowners). In return they owed military service and financial debts.

Naturally nobles did not wish to farm the land themselves so they gave the peasant workforce the right to hold certain sections of it in return for working on the lord's own farmland (known as the demesne). But legally the lord/knight/nobleman/abbot (or whoever the landholder was) had absolute power over all the lands, villages, peasants and produce on the lands he held.

A landholder would hold many manors, scattered around the country; together these holdings were called an honour.

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Q: What was the land administered by the lord called?
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The heart of the medieval economy the land administered by a lord was called the?


The lands administered by the lord?

The lands of a manor were normally administered by a representative of the lord. There were various people involved in this. For example, the agricultural land was organized by the reeve, who might have been elected by the serfs or appointed by the lord, depending on local custom, but represented the lord and the serfs to each other. Stewards were involved wherever anything of value was concerned. The lord's demesne could be administered by the lord personally, but since many lords were absentee, it would have been often administered by someone appointed for the purpose.

What is a received land by another lord called?

A fief.

What was land held by a feudal lord called?


What was a lord called if they granted land to another lord?

Monarchs and lords granted land to vassals. A person who made the grant was called the liege. So a lord who did this was the liege lord. For more information, please use the link below.

A piece of land granted by one lord to another was called a?

It was called a fief.

What is Castle village and land of a lords estate?

The castle, village, and land of a lord's estate were often called Feudal lands. The castle could be called the manor.

What was the land held by a feudal lord called?

It is called a fief.

What were these Europeans during the middle ages that were pesants forced to work the land of their lord called?

Europeans in the Middle Ages who were forced to work the land of a lord were called medieval peasants. They were usually forced to work on farms after they swore an oath to their lord.

What were peasants called who were tied to the land?

A piece of land granted by one lord to another was called a

What are peasants called that paid the lord for the right to farm the land?


What is the system called when a lord gives land in return for obedience?