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Q: What was the monetary unit before dong in Vietnam?
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What is a xu?

xu is a monetary unit of the Vietnam which is equal to one hundredth of a dong.

What are three dongs when filling a measuring cup with dry ingredients?

I can only find dong as a monetary unit in Vietnam, not as a measurement. It may be slang. After further search, 1 dong is 3.78 grams.

What is the main unit of money in Vietnam?


What is the main unit of money used in vietnam?


What is the monetary unit in Vietnam?

Vietnamese đồng

What was the dutch monetary unit before the euro?

de gulden

What is the basic unit of money in Vietnam?

dong (đồng). there was hào (0.1đ) and xu (0.01đ) before but they are no longer used due to their insignificant value. (1USD = 21000đ as of April 2013 and the smallest valued banknote is 200đ)

Ecuadorian monetary unit before the US Dollar?

According to my gf in Ecuador, she said 9 years ago. So, that being 1999

Is money from Vietnam worth anything?

Yes. The Vietnamese Dong has a relatively stable value for a developing country. It just happens that the individual unit of the Dong is one of least valuable units. (It is around 21,500 Vietnamese Dong to the US Dollar.) However, most things in Vietnam cost multiples of 20,000 Dong, which is roughly the same as how in the US most things are priced in whole dollars.

What is a word that starts with X and has to do with history?

XI - a Greek Letter XU - a monetary unit in Vietnam Xebec- Mediterranean sailing vessel

What is the monetary unit for Fiji?

FJD is the monetary unit for Fiji.

What is the monetary unit in Columbia?

Monetary unit: Colombian Peso