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to unite Italian states into a single nation.

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Q: What was the purpose the Italian movement known as Risorgimento?
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What was the renaissance movement called in England?

It was known as the "Elizabeth Era" or "The Age of Spakespeare"

What was the Communist Revolutionary Movement?

The Communist Revolutionary Movement In China is also known as the 1949 Revolution. This what culminated to the formation of the People's Republic of China led by Mao Zedong.

Why was Lorenzo de Medici known as the Magnificent?

Lorenzo de' Medici (1449-1492) was the de facto ruler of the Florentine Republic in the time of the Italian Renaissance. He was known to Florentines as Lorenzo il Magnifico, Lorenzo the Magnificent. He was a patron of scholarship and the arts and managed to keep a fragile peace between competing Italian states such as Venice and the Papal States. He ruled over a time known to Italians as the Golden Age.Within 2 years of his passing, the peace beween the Italian states came to an end, and shortly after that the French invaded Naples, beginning a period of occupation by France, Spain, or Austria for nearly four centuries.

What major role did Giuseppe Garibaldi play?

Giuseppe Garibaldi was a follower of an earlier leader Giuseppe Mazzini, who believed in a republican Italy built by the people. Garibaldi was also committed to achieving national unification through a popular movement. He stood for unification from below. The most important thing that Garibaldi did was creating "The Thousand" out of his volunteer fighters, determined to bring down the unpopular Bourbon King of the Two Sicilies, Francis II. Garibaldi's troops took Sicily and insisted that it keep its autonomy. After this first insurrection, his troops continued on to mainland Italy. By later 1860, Garibaldi's forces, along with local support, had taken Naples and toppled the kingdom of Francis II. However, after all of these successes, Garibaldi was stopped from conquering Rome, where French troops guarded the pope. A shred Sardinian nobleman Count Camillo Benso di Cavour stood for unification guided from above by the government. When he saw that French and Austrian intervention could occur when Garibaldi's forces placed a hazard to the pope, he ordered Garibaldi to cede his military authority to the king Victor Emmanuel. He did not want French and Austrian intervention because it would be an immediate threat to Italy. When Victor Emmanuel had military authority, most of Italy was united under a single rule. Thus Garibaldi was significant in that he contributed greatly to the unification and nationhood of Italy.

Which Italian city is known as the city of the renaissance?

Ferrera came to be known as the City of the Renaissance because of its intellectual and artistic dominance during the period. Great minds congregated there, and it came to achieve the Humanist definition of an ideal city by constructing what would become a model of the modern metropolis.

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What as the purpose of the Italian movement known as Risorgimento?

to unite Italian states into a single nation.

What was the purpose of the Italian moment known as Risorgimento?

to unite Italian states into a single nation.

What was the purpose of the Italian known as Risorgimento's?

to unite Italian states into a single nation.

What was the purpose of the Italian movement known as risorgimento?

It was a 19th Century Italian movement to unify Italy, inspired by new economic and political forces around 1815. Such as the liberal and nationalist ideologies spurred by the French Revolution and the ideas of 18th Century Italian reformers and illuministi.

Where did the Risorgimento occur?

The Risogimento is otherwise known as the Italian unification which was a political and social movement that resulted in the formation of the Italy of the modern world from the old italian states. Many scholars agree that the unification first started in 1815 and finally reached completion in 1870 with the capture of Rome.

Who controlled Genoa?

Genoa was an Italian kingdom ruled by the French for much of the post-Middle Ages era. Known as the Ligurian Protectorate, it served as a basis for a French window into Italy and was the birthplace of resistance movements which would rise to achieve unity across the Italian provinces during Il Risorgimento, the unification.

What art movement was Italian artists F T Marinetti and Umberto Boccioni known for?

F T Marinetti is known as the founder of the futurist art movement and Umberto Boccioni was a futurist sculptor.

What has the author Giovanni Vidari written?

Giovanni Vidari was an Italian author known for his works on botany and wildlife conservation. He contributed to the study of plant genetics and the conservation of endangered plant species, particularly in the Italian region of Trentino.

What has the author Vincenzo Gioberti written?

Vincenzo Gioberti was an Italian philosopher, theologian, and politician known for his work "Il Primato morale e civile degli italiani" (The Moral and Civil Primacy of the Italians) where he argued for the unification of Italy under a federated republic. His writings had a significant influence on the Italian Risorgimento movement.

Which stylistic movement in film was best known for using well worn actual locations and ordinary looking nonglamorous actors?

Italian Neorealism

What was the purpose of Pan- Africans?

The purpose of the movement was, and continues to be, to establish independence for African nations and cultivate unity among black people throughout the world. The movement began in the 19th century, but was encouraged by five conferences held in London between 1900 and 1923. The movement led to the founding of the OAU (Organization of African Unity) in 1963, now known as the African Union.

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The peaceful movement of people from one country to another for settlement is emigration. Many people emigrate to the United States every year.