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  1. religion
  2. education
  3. trade
  4. government
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Q: What were four ways Songhai expanded during the rule of Askia the Great?
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Which Songhai king greatly expanded its area?

Askia Muhammad, also known as Askia the Great, greatly expanded the Songhai Empire during his reign from 1493 to 1528. He increased the empire's territory and established a well-organized administration that promoted trade and Islamic scholarship.

How did askia the great change songhai during his reign?


Who was the most famous ruler of Songhai?

The most famous ruler of Songhai was Askia the Great (Askia Muhammad I), who ruled from 1493 to 1528. He expanded the empire, promoted Islam, and established a system of government that helped strengthen Songhai's power and influence in West Africa.

Who was the great leader of the Songhai empire?

Askia the Great, ie. Askia Mohammed.

Who was the greatest emperor of songhai?

Askia the Great, ie. Askia Mohammed.

What are the Three Great emperors of Songhai?

The Three Great emperors of Songhai were actually Two Great emperors of Songhai, which were Sunni Ali and Askia the Great. You could actually consider Musa another Great emperor of Songhai, since he made his father, Askia the Great, leave the throne because Askia the Great became blind, and Musa reigned after him, and then then empire of Songhai collapsed.

Was Mansa Musa Songhais greatest ruler?

No. He was a ruler of Mali, not Songhai. Askia the Great (Askia Mohammed) was the greatest ruler of Songhai.

Who expands the songhai civilization into a major power?

Askia Mohammed, AKA Askia the Great.

What religion influenced in songhai under askia the great?


What religion influenced Songhai under Askia the Great?


Who was the king of Songhai in 1500?

Askia the Great(Muhammad Ture)

How long did Askia the Great rule Songhai?

about 35 years