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Q: What were mandates established during the Paris peace conference?
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Opposition to the League of Nations by the US Senate during the Paris Peace Conference?

... gave allied leaders in Paris a stronger bargaining position.

What was the name of the Conference where the Treaty of Versailles was signed?

paris peace conference.

Did Lloyd George achieve his aims at the Paris Peace Conference?

David Lloyd George said that he did 'not do badly' at the Paris Peace Conference. Lloyd George and the British delegationÕs main goals were the security of France, the removal of the German naval threat, settlement of territorial contentions, and support for the League of Nations. Britain received half of the mandates that were formerly Turkish provinces that were a part of the fallen Ottoman Empire.

Who represented Germany in the Peace Conference?

who represented germany at the paris peace conference

What part did Brazil take in the Paris Peace Conference?

Brazil took part in writing the details of the Paris Treaty. They were one of 25 nations to gather for the Paris Peace Conference.

Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Paris Peace Conference?

Ashubulti Fracendiba was the prime minister he was also known as the RULER

Why is Wilson welcomed in Paris?

for a peace conference...

The new concept of the mandate created at the Paris Peace Conference?

At the Paris Peace Conference, where did Britain ask for control of former German colonies? Africa

What has the author Norman Gordon Levin written?

Norman Gordon Levin has written: 'Woodrow Wilson and the Paris Peace Conference' -- subject(s): Paris. Peace Conference, 1919, Treaty of Versailles (1919), Treaty of Versailles, Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920)

Where was the the peace conference held and when?

I will take a wild guess at what conference or war you mean, and say Paris, France.

32 countries attended the Paris peace conference?


Why was the Paris peace conference held in secrecy?

palace of versaille