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Small list of great inventions/achievements of ancient China, and various other Chinese "firsts":

- Paper

- Printing

- Compass

- Gunpowder

- Bell

- Ax

- Drum

- Beer

- Fork

- Pasta

- Oars/rowing

- Table salt

- Silk

- Rice/soybean cultivation

- Acupuncture

- Anti-malarial compounds

- Paper currency

- Various metallurgic technologies

- Blast furnace

- Mechanical belt drive

- Drilling

- Cast iron

- Accurate calendar year

- Chemical warfare

- Use of chromium

- Crossbow

- Cold-fusion steel process

- Treatment of Diabetes

- Identification and treatment of malnutrition diseases

- Endocrinology

- Various achievements in astronomy

- Various achievements in geometry and mathematics

- Exploding cannonballs

- Fireworks

- Carriage

- Fishing reel

- Horse collar/harness

- Jade

- Kite

- Landmine

- Various nautical inventions

- Match

- Natural gas as fuel

- Negative numbers

- Playing cards

- Go/Mahjong/Chinese checkers

- Porcelain

- Pound lock

- Puppet theater

- Restaurant menu

- Rotary fan

- Seismometer

- Suspension bridge

- Tea

- Use of thyroid hormones to treat goiters

- Tofu

- Toilet paper

- Toothbrush

- Catapult

- Wheelbarrow

- Discovery of circadian rhythm

- Decimal fractions

- Concept of climate change

- Music Theory

- Gaussian elimination

- Description of leprosy

- Estimate of pi

- Recognition of spontaneous combustion

- Concept of true north

- Recognition of sunspots, and various other astronomical phenomena

- Accurate description of solar eclipse

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Ancient Chinese inventions include row planting which was invented in 6th century BC, the compass, which came about in 4th century BC, and deep drilling which was invented in 220 AD. The Chinese also invented the horse harness, porcelain, and perhaps most importantly, toilet paper.

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money paper, -paper, -the wheel barow, the decimal system, and.... gun powder

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The Chinese invented gun powder and the food we call "pasta".

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Movable type, gunpowder, rockets, magnetic compass, fireworks

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I would say Paper because for me there has not been one day where I have not seen a pice of paper and that invention led to the creation of paper money

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During medievalism, the Chinese invented gun powder and rockets.

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gun powder is one, porcelain is another

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Q: What were some benefits and inventions that helped the people of china?
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Why do people trade with China?

people trade with china because they want china great inventions and money and because they had fine silk, tea, jade and china

What were china's inventions?

China's inventions were paper, n dats all i memeba

What inventions helped chinese society during the Han Dynasty?

The Great Wall of China, the printing press, the rudder, the compass, and seismograph.

What are the inventions of early china-?

Some inventions of early China were the compass, row planting, the seed drill, and iron plows.

What ideas the Japanese borrowed from china why?

japan copied china, because they were jealous that china invented so many inventions that helped change the world. so the Japanese copied the Chinese writing and called it their own.

What are some of china's inventions?

china is one of the most known countries for its inventions for example tea, silk, the use of tea in shampoos and serums which makes our hair shiny, they also invent different types of salts which are still used in many countries.hope it helped :-)China has been the source of many significant inventions, including the Four Great Inventions of ancient China: papermaking, the compass, gunpowder, and printing (both woodblock and movable type).To read about more Chinese invention click on 'related links' below.

What are 4 inventions from China that are passed to other people?

compass, gunpowder, paper making and printing

Who made the rudder?

People in China invented the rudder during the era of inventions under the Han dynasty.

Why was the silk road inportant?

It helped because it caused more people to come to China and China got more goods and money from them.It helped because it caused more people to come to China and China got more goods and money from them.

What were inventions of the 1800s in china?

Toys and bikes

What inventions were made to improve daily life in china?

Many inventions were made such as a pot and pan

Can China manage without wool?

China is a country.Chinese people probably enjoy the benefits of wearing clothing produced from wool, as well as the economic benefits that result from the production of the fibre.