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The Huns

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Q: What were the Germanic people trying to escape as they crossed the Roman empire in the late 300?
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Howand who conquered the songhai people?

Songhai was conquered in 1585 by a small army from the Arab kingdom of Morocco. The army crossed the Sahara armed with gunpowder weapons like, cannons and guns and easily overtook the Songhai people who fought with swords, bows, and spears. This splintered the empire into smaller empires

What does the term Anglo Saxon refer to?

In the period between the Roman Empire and the Norman Conquest, the British Isles were invaded and settled by two tribes of people from northern Germany. These tribes were the Angles and the Saxons, and the term Anglo-Saxon refers to the language spoken by them upon moving into Britain.

What were Germanic peoples in World War 2 called?

During World War 2 Hitler popularized the made up word of Aryan. Many Germanic people went by that label. Those who did not live Germany went by the name of the countries they lived in, such as French, Dutch, English, Danish, Hungarian. Germanic people lived all over the world. Some were even Americans.

Who were the Norsemen of Scandinavia?

They were the Vikings who came from Scandinavia.

Who crowned Charlemagne emperor?

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Emperor in St. Peter's Basilica, in Rome, on December 25, 800 AD. At the time he crowned Charlemagne, he referred to the empire as the Roman Empire. Today, historians call Charlemagne's empire the Carolingian Empire, but at the time, people in Western Europe called it the Roman Empire, as Pope Leo III had. The people of the Byzantine Empire of the time, who had always called their country the Roman Empire, and would as long as it existed, were not very happy about this. The Carolingian Empire divided into France, and a country we call the Holy Roman Empire, but which called itself the Roman Empire for some time. If all this sounds confusing, imagine how it sounded to the people of the time. There are a links below.

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What ethnic group were of most of the people in the Russian empire?


Who were the people that invaede rome?

Germanic tribes are the people who invaded the Western Roman Empire.

What people tried to expand their empire by pushing north into Germanic lands?

The Romans.

Why did large numbers of germanic peoples cross into the lands of the Roman empire in the late 300s?

The Huns of Central Asia migrated South to the Germanic region causing many wars. The germanic people, seeking safety, moved into the Roman Empire

Why did so many Germanic tribes being invading the Roman Empire?

Because, well when the Romans intered the empire at 300ad they did not know about the "Almighty God" named Sponge Bob he was one of the greatist wariors that ever lived R.I.P

Who is The largest group of Germanic people to live in Europe after the fall of the western empire?


Which people invaded eastern roman empire?

Ottoman Turks and Germanic tribes , the program of crusade also helped the crumble of eastern roman empire.

Why didn't the Romans want Germanic people in their empire?

They thought they were disgusting people who didn't bathe everyday. They were thought to the Romans as Barbarians

How long did it take for the breakup of the roman empire?

The fall of the western part of the Roman Empire begun in 406 AD when Germanic peoples (the Vandals, Sueves and Burgundians) and an Iranian-speaking people (the Alans) crossed the river Rhine and invaded Gaul. These peoples and other Germanic peoples, the Alemanni, Visigoths and Franks eventually took over all the lands of this part of the empire except for Italy. The Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians, also Germanic peoples, migrated to Britain in waves and took it over. Historians use 476 as a conventional date for the end of the western part of the Roman Empire. This was the year when the last emperor in the west, Romulus Augustus was deposed. The eastern part of the Roman Empire was not affected by these invasions and continued to exist for another 1,000 years.

What barbarians conquered gaul?

In 406 the Vandals, Sueves (both Germanic peoples) and the Alans (Iranian speakers) crossed the river Rhine (the frontier of the Roman Empire) and invaded Gaul. The Alemanni, another Germanic people, took advantage of this to take over Switzerland and Alsace, in northeaster France. The Burgundians, also a Germanic people, settled in an area which is now in Germany west of the river Rhine (Rhineland-Palatinate). The exact date when this occurred is not known. It is known that they were there from 411. In 443 the Romans resettled them in Sapaudia which is thought to correspond to present day Savoy, in eastern France.

Who are the germanic people?

Germanic is a language group in north-western Europe which comprises German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English. In the last days of the western part of the Roman Empire several Germanic peoples from Germany and central Euroe invaded it and caused it to fall.

Did the Visigoths come from Sweden?

The Visigoths were the Goths of the west, and the Ostrogoths were the Goths of the east. The Goths were originally from southern Sweden. They migrated to the Baltic coast in Poland and later to Ukraine where they formed a kingdom. The Visigoths asked the Romans to be allowed to settle in the lower Danube area of the Roman Empire to escape the invasion of Eastern Europe by the Hun and were granted this. The Ostrogoths fell under Hun rule. After the fall of the Hun Empire the Visigoths also settled in the Roman Empire (in eastern Austria).The Goths were one of the Germanic peoples. Germanic is a language group which comprises German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English. The Germanic peoples of antiquity were the ancestors of the modern people who speak these languages.