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well there were 3 diffrent types of schools gay stright and lesbians

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Q: What were the different types of Victorian schools?
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What did Victorian people call school?

In the Victorian era, school was commonly referred to as "school" or "educational institution." There were various types of schools, such as public schools, private schools, and grammar schools.

What are the different kinds of schools?

there are 5 types of schools

Different types of decoupage?

Victorian and modern 2d and 3 dimensional.

Why did some Victorian schools close at 4pm in the winter?

why did some Victorian schools close at 4pm at winter

Did victorian schools have toilets?

Victorian schools did not have toilets inside of them. It was very uncommon for anyone to have toilets inside their homes.

What kind of Victorian school names are there?

What were the schools like in victorian times

When was corporal punishment banned in Victorian schools?

Corporal punishment remained legal in UK schools throughout the Victorian era. It was therefore not banned during the Victorian period. It was not banned until 1987.

What type of children are in the different types of schools?

Retards are in there own schools unless you have a joint school!

Did Victorian schools provide dinners?

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What was punishment in Victorian boarding schools?


What is a good thesis statement for bullying in schools?

There are different types of bullying in schools.

What is a cane from the victorian schools made from?

A cane from the Victorian schools was often made from rattan that was grown commercially for use in the furniture industry. The practice of caning has continued to this day.