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In February, the patriotic Italians of Milan Ann Lombardy rose in revolution and routed Austrian Army. Venetians also freed themselves from Austrian yoke with the help of Sardinian king Charles Albert. Nationalists of Parna, Modina, and Lombardy also joined Sardian Army and declared war against Austria. In the War, Charles Albert got defeated in the hands of Austria and once again the Northern States of Italy went under Austrian rule.

On hearing the outbreak of revolution of France in 1848, all over Germany excitement ran high and people forced their rulers to grant constitutional reforms. Nationalists of all States of Germany convened a National Parliament at Frankfurt. They formed a new constitution and Frederick William-IV was elected as the ruler of United Germany.

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Q: What were the effects of the french revolution of 1848?
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What was the Result of french revolution in 1848?

The French won.

What was the result of the french revolution 1848?

The French won.

The revolution of 1848 in France ultimately resulted in?

The French Revolution of 1848 ultimately resulted in the creation of the French Second Republic. This is also referred to as the February Revolution.

How was the french revolution of 1848 really two revolution?

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How was the French revolution of 1848 really two revolutions?

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The 1789 French Revolution is called the Springtime of Peoples?

The answer is FALSE, it was the revolutions of 1848.

Which was a factor that help caused the French revolution in 1848?

French leaders were refusing to pass political reforms.Apex

What contributed to 1848 Paris's abysmal conditions?

The French Revolution contributed greatly to Paris's abysmal conditions in 1848. The conflict lasted from the 23rd February of 1848 to the 2nd of December 1848.

What are the major effects of french revolution?


Did the french revolution inspire similar uprisings all over the world?

YES. A number of democratic revolutions rocked Europe in 1848, all inspired by the French Revolution.

The Revolution influenced a series of revolts that came to be known as the Springtime of Peoples?

It was the French Revolution of 1848 that influenced a series of revolts that came to be known as the Springtime of Peoples. Numerous political upheavals took place throughout Europe in 1848.

What were the effects of the political revolution?

The political effects were the extensive control of the Vienna Congress on the French Government.