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Q: What would happen if world war 2 never ended?
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What did mohammed believe would happen to people when the world ended?

He believed they would go to an after life.

What if the world never existed?

Who knows what would happen?

What would happen if cotton candy was never invented?

the world would exploder

If you could have anything from the world then what would it be?

If I could have anything from this world then it would be world-wide peace, but, in reality that is never going to happen.

What if wifi was never invented in 1999?

The Four Surfers of the Apocalypso would have ended the world, obviously.

What would happen if you never had Grover Cleveland?

the world will not have a two time president

What would happen if trading ended in the whole world?

The demise of free trade would probably not end the world. Finances would be restructured and the world would go on. Evil will bring about the end of the world, Satan's and man's.

Is it true that the world is going to end on the 21st of December 2012?

No, since the maya's never predicted that the world would end, their calender ended in 2012, wich is their end of their calender and NOT the world, and some guy tought the world would end since their calander ended in 2012, but it was just a guy, but the mayas never ever predicted it that it would end.

What would happen if God didn't exist?

If god didn't exist then the hole world and all the planets and galaxy's would never happen

What would happen if World War 1 ended and didn't lead to World War 2?

It would have saved millions of innocent lives who died fighting in World War II.

When do you think the world will unite into one government?

It will never happen, the only way it would happen is anarchy (not a bad thing)

Is the world really going to end 2010?

no it is not it is 6:46 and nothing happen and i it was it would have ended 46 min ago