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The Count of Anjou was the ruler of the county of Anjou, a title first granted by Charles the Bald in the 9th century to Robert the Strong. The title was therefore hereditary following the male line of succession

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Q: When Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry II he was the count of Anjou. where did he get that title?
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In 1152 Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry of Anjou What role did this play in French history?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was heiress to one the richest territories in Europe, and had previously been married to Louis VII of France. According to historians, Eleanor was strong-willed and uncontrollable by Louis, who finally gave up, granting her an annulment. She retained her properties and persuaded Henry, Count of Anjou, who became Henry II of England to marry her instead.

Who did Eleanor of Aquitaine Mary?

Eleanore of Aquitaine married two times. Her first husband was King Louis VII of France She divorced him and several months later she married Duke Henry of Anjou who became KIng Henry II of England

Who married Henry II?

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Who was Henry II married to?

King Henry II was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine of France.

Who where the 2 queens of England called Eleanor?

There were three: Eleanor of Aquitaine (married Henry II). Eleanor of Provence (married Henry III) Eleanor of Castile (married Edward I).

What castle was Eleanor of Aquitaine imprissoned in by King Henry?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was imprisoned in Old Sarum in 1174 by King Henry

What church did Eleanor of Aquitaine get married in?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was married twice. She married Louis VII of France in 1137, in the Cathedral of Saint Andre' in Bordeaux France. Her marriage to Louis VII was annulled in March of 1152. On Whit Sunday May 18, 1152, she married Henry, the Duke of Normandy, in the catherdral church of Saint Pierre in Poitiers, France. In 1154, Henry became King of England, as Henry II. Source: "Eleanor of Aquitaine: the Mother Queen" by Desmond Seward.

How did Eleanor of Aquitaine get royally?

She married into it, two times. She was the Duchess of Aquitaine when she married the King's son. Several weeks later after the King's death she became the Queen of France. About 15 years later she divorced her husband Louis and soon after maried Duke Henry of Anjou who was the great-grandson of William the Conqueror. Several years after they married his mothers first cousin who was King Steven died making him King Henry II of England.

How did the England come to acquire the fertile lands of southern France?

Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry II of England.

What were the names of Eleanor of Aquitaine's sons?

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II had eight children: five sons (William, Richard, Henry, Geoffrey and John) and three daughters (Mathilda, Eleanor and Joan).

Did Eleanor of aquitaine have a son?

Yes she did she had 4 of them with Henry.

Who was Henry the second married to?

He was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in Eastern Europe during the high middle ages.