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June22, 1940

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Q: When did France fall to Germany World War 2?
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Why was the Fall of France important to World War 2?

The Fall of France in 1940 meant that Germany had access to the Atlantic Ocean, circumventing the British blockade of Germany.

What countries were invaded by France during World War 2?

Germany invaded France during World War II.

Did Britain help France in world war 1?

No, France gave in to Germany, and Germany then took over France. We did not help them. Not in World War I, the war the question asks about. Britain joined France in its fight againt Germany during the first World War.

What year did Germany defeat France in world war 1?

It didn't. Germany lost World War I.

When Germany declared war on France?

In World War 2?

Was Germany and France on the same team during World War 1?

No, Germany was France's enemy.

Immediately following the fall of Poland?

france and britain declared war on Germany

Who was France invaded by in world war ii?

france was invaded by Germany and Italy during world war 2

Where did the book war horse by Michael morpurgo take place?

Devon, England

Who was involved in the phony war?

The countries involved were Great Britain, France and Germany. The Phony War was actually not a war, but a lull in World War 2 which occured after the fall of Poland to Germany. Great Britain and France remained officially at war with Germany, but neither side made any great military moves toward the other, so it was called the Phony War.

In World War 1 Germany was forced to give France back what land?

France regained Alsace and Lorraine from Germany after world war one. They had lost these territories to Germany during the Franco Persian War.

What did France want to do after World War 2?

France entered WWII because of a defensive pact woth Poland. Because Germany declared War on Poland, France declared war on Germany. If Germany had declared war on France first, then Poland would have declared war on germany. -Feewet