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In 1999 France adopted the Euro, replacing the Franc.

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Q: When did the French currency change?
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What was the french currency before 2002?

The French currency before 2002 was the French franc. Since then it is the Euro.

Will banks in UK change french francs?

No. The French Franc is a defunct currency. It has no worth other than as a collectible item. In France, they use Euros.

What is the currency of french Guiana?

The currency of all parts of France is the Euro. This includes French Guiana.

What type of currency is used in the French Polynesian?

The currency in French Polynesia is Franc and its code is XPF

When did France change its currency?

France introduced the Euro in Jan 2001 and phased out the French Franc during the same year. On Jan. 1, 2002, the Euro was the only legal currency.

What was the french currency called before?

Before the Euro was introduced in Europe, the French currency was measured in Francs.

What was the name of the french currency before the euro?

The currency in France used to be the franc. The currency has since changed, and France now uses the euro.

What was the currency before January 2001?

The French currency before 2001 was the French franc (FF). It was phased out in 2001.

Which country belongs to FFR currency?

FFR (Francs) is the currency of French.

What do French people call currency?

"Currency" is "la monnaie" in French. L'Euro est la monnaie utilisée en France > the Euro is the currency used in France.

What currency do the French people use?

In France they use the Euro. French people can use whatever currency is appropriate in the country they are in.

What is French Guiana's currency?

French Guiana is part of France ans uses the Euro (€) as a currecny.