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The Klondike Gold Rush started in 1897 and ended in 1898

Klondike is a region of the Yukon Territory in Northwest Canada, just east of the Alaskan border. On 16 August 1896, rich gold deposits were found in Bonanza (Rabbit) Creek, a tributary of the Klondike River. This sparked the Klondike goldrush of 1897-98. News of the discovery reached the United States in July, 1897, and within a month thousands of people were leaving their homes and jobs and pouring into the north.

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The Klondlike Gold Rush, which is the same thing as the Alaskan Gold Rush, ended in the year of 1898.

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Q: When did the the klondike gold rush end?
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When did the Yukon gold rush end?

the klondike gold rush ended on march or 1898

How did the Klondike Gold rush end?

The gold either ran out or became unprofitable.

Who discovered gold in yukon?

During the Klondike Gold Rush (or Yukon Gold Rush), there was massive immigration and gold prospecting along the Dawson River in the Yukon Territory, in Northwestern Canada.

What are the release dates for Gold Rush Scenes in the Klondike - 1899?

Gold Rush Scenes in the Klondike - 1899 was released on: USA: 1899

What year was the Yukon gold rush?

the klondike gold rush is the main name and they found gold 1896 but the actual rush began 1897

Which was more dangerous the klondike gold rush or the California gold rush?

The klondike gold rush had more people because 100,000 set of to find gold 40,000 made it to dawson city and 4,000 found gold

Why was the Yukon Gold Rush known as this Klondike gold rush?

Yes it was. The Klondike gold rush is ythe main name for the Yukon gold rush. They both started in 1897 and ended in 1898. These are two reasons for the answer to your question being yes.

When was Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park created?

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park was created on 1976-06-30.

Who was the first to find gold in the Klondike gold rush?

It was the stampeders

What was discovered in the Klondike region?

Gold! The famous "Klondike Gold Rush", referring to the gold found in the Klondike River of the Canadian Territory of Yukon beginning in 1896

What has the author Edward Spurr written?

Edward Spurr has written: 'Through the Yukon gold diggings' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Gold discoveries, Klondike gold rush, Klondike gold rush.

What has the author A C Harris written?

A. C. Harris has written: 'Alaska and the Klondike Gold Fields' -- subject(s): Biography, Description and travel, Frontier and pioneer life, Gold discoveries, Gold mines and mining, Klondike gold rush, Klondike gold rush., Pioneers