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Q: When some European leaders agreed to Hitlers demands concerning Czechoslovakia in 1938 they were supporting a policy of?
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When Hitlers demands in Czechoslovakia were met he?

Made More Demands

What happened in 1939 in Canada?

In 1939 Hitlers Army seized the rest of Czechoslovakia

When was Czechoslovakia liberated from Hitlers control?

In some parts of Bohemia and Moravia fighting continued till 10 May 1945.

How did Czechoslovakia got invaded in world war 2?

It was all apart of Hitlers Blitzkrieg, which is essentially fast paced warfare. Hitler invaded them.

What Did the Nazis do to the Jews during hitlers era?

The Nazis and Hitler committed genocide on the European Jews.

Did Hitlers policies help cause the war?

Hitler invaded country after country, Czechoslovakia, Poland, until the Allies had no choice but, to declare war on Germany. The answer is yes. hilter's policies helped to cause WW2.

Name 3 of hitlers main supporters?

Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler and Erwin Rommel

Who is hitlers dad?

Hitlers father was Alois Hitler.

What world war 2 figures signed the Munich agreement a diplomatic effort to stop Adolf Hitlers plans for empire building in exchange for Germany's annexation of part of Czechoslovakia?

Neville Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

When was Hitlers Bombe created?

Hitlers Bombe was created in 2005.

What was Paula Hitlers Nickname?

I Think It Was Hitlers Bloody Mess.

Which where the allied countries during hitlers rule?

The USA, Britain and her colonies and the USSR. The French also had a resistance force, as did most Eastern European countries that the Nazis took over.