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India was registered as a democratic republic on 26th January 1950 India was registered as a democratic republic on 26th January 1950

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Q: When was India registered as a Democratic Republic?
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A country that is democratic republic?


What type of government does India have today?

Federal Republic Federal Republic Federal Republic

What form of government does India have?

Democratic Republic

When was India declared as a democratic country?

India was declared as a republic democratic country on 26th January, 1950.

Why is India considered a secular democratic republic?

India has no official religion, which is why it is considered secular. It is considered a republic since it has a parliament that Indian citizens vote for. Since these votes are free and fair, it is considered a democratic republic (as opposed to an autocratic or oligarchic republic). Note, however, that most countries that have the term "democratic republic" in their name are not democratic republics.

Is India a democracy or a republic?

india is a democratic republic or you can say republic democracy a government is made by majority that means minority has little power compared to majority. In republic first representatives are set which are chosen by people. Minority and majority all have their own representatives.which then forms goverment. Minority cannot be ignored in republic as they are also the part of goverment. In india we got both. A government of majority and representatives(as MP and MLA) so india has a well balanced mixture of republic and democratic rules. That is why india is a republic democratic country. India is also called as THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA.

What type of government does India's haves?

The Union Government of India is a federal parliamentary representative democratic republic.The Preamble of the Constitution of India describes the nation as a a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic.(check related links for more info.)India has a democratic government which is ruled by Indian National Congress AKA India has a democracy as its government. :)We Can also write it as a parliamentary form of govermentfor short . :)India form of government is a Federal republic Parliamentary democracy.India has a democratic government. By: Saurabh mukherjeedemocraticIt is a Federal Republic.

If a person is not registered as a republic party or democratic party member can they still vote in an open primary?


What does the preamble of India declare India to be?

The preamble of India declare India to be asovereign,republic,socialist,seuclar and democratic country

What is Indias full name?

Soverign secular democratic republic india.

When did India emerged as a sovereign democratic republic?

26th January 1950

Is there a place such as Napol or Napaul?

There is a place called Nepal near India. The official name is the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. It is located in South Asia between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of India.