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The war in Europe ended in May 1945. The reason the Germans were defeated was because the military might of the US, Russia & Britain was, in the long term, greater than they could oppose.

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Q: When was the Germans defeated during World War 2 Why?
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Why did the Germans surrender during world war 2?

They surrendered because they had been defeated.

What was the name of the Soviet Army during World War 2 which defeated the Germans in the Battle of Stalingrad?

Red Army.

Who commanded the allied forces during world war 2 the defeated the Germans in the north Africa?

D. Eisenhower

Was Armenia defeated in the World Wars?

Yes and no in World War 1 they were conquered by Russia, in World War 2 defeated the Nazis(Germans).

What year did the Russians defeat the Germans in World War 2?

The year that the Russian defeated the Germans was the year 1945.

What were the Germans defeated in a major battle for the first time in the war?

were the Germans defeated in a major battle for the first time in the war?

Where were the Germans defeated by the british air force during World War 2?

In the Battle of Britain, right over Britain's coast (the first major victory for the Allies).

Whom defeated who in the war eastern Europe?

The Russians defeated the Germans .

Did danish troops retreat to Norway when Denmark was defeated in World War 2 or were they captured by the Germans?

they were captured

What did Germans start?

Germans started World War I in 1914 and World War II in 1939. Additionally, Germans initiated the Holocaust during World War II which led to the systematic genocide of six million Jews.

Who invaded France during World War 1?

The Germans

What president integrated the workforce during World War?

the Germans