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Lafayette attended Collège du Plessis, a school for the children of the aristocracy and studied military strategy and tactics at Versailles Academy.

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Q: Where did King Louis XIV go to school?
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How did king Louis XIV cunningly got rid of Raoul to gain the love of Christine?

He sent Raoul to go to one of his pointless wars in which Raoul died shortly after.

Where did Louis go to high school?

Louis Tomlinson went to school in Doncaster his secondary school he went to is called Hall cross.

Why didn't Louis XIV call a meeting of the Estates-general?

By calling the Estates-General Louis the XIV would be at a disadvantage because it would give more power to the 1st Estate and the 2nd Estate. He would be losing power and he had no reason to call on the Estates-General. Louis the XVIII had to call on the Estates-General because the country was about to go bankrupt and he had no other choice but to call on the Estates-General and ask them for a loan.

What did Louis XIV look like?

Just go on google images and type his name. It's easier then you think!

Where is the site of Louis XIV's grand palace?

He had several. In the days before proper sanitation, houses got smelly quite quickly, so the court would move on to another palace while the last one was cleaned. Much of the furniture would move, too. In Paris, the King lived in the Palais des Tuileries, part of the Louvre; around Paris there were royal residences at St. Cloud, Marly, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Rambouillet, Marly, Fontainebleau and Sceaux. However, I think the answer you are groping for is VERSAILLES, the vast palace which Louis XIV had built to house himself and the entire court outside Paris. Even here, there was provision for the Royal entourage to move around; the King could move into the Trianon while the Royal Apartments were refurbished.