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Well Madame Geoffrin was a part of the Age of Enlightenment, near the French Revolution. She was also a French Hostess, and patron of French Art. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion she lived in France. And one other fact is that she never really traveled abroad--except for her own vacation to Poland.

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Q: Where did Marie Therese Geoffrin live?
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Who were Marie Therese Charlotte's kids?

Marie Therese Charlotte was the daughter of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. She never had any cildren.

Did Marie-Therese have any children of her own?


Did Marie Antoinettes children survive the revolution?

Louis XVI and Marie-Antionette had two daughters and two sons. Two of these died before the Revolution. The two royal children alive during the Revolution were Louis the Dauphin, heir to the Throne, and Marie-Therese. Marie-Therese and Louis were separated from their parents when they were imprisoned (both their parents were put on trial and executed). The Dauphin died in prison; it is not clear whether it was a deliberate murder or whether he simply died of illness in the unsanitary conditions of the prison. He was never put on trial. Louis was later known as "Louis XVII" despite the fact that he was never crowned as King. A number of people attempted to impersonate him in later life and claim the French throne. Marie-Therese survived the Revolution and died in 1851.

Who did Marie Therese Charlotte marry?

She married Louis-Antoine, duc d'Angoulême, her cousin. He was the son of Count D'Artois, brother of Louis XVI.

What happened to the children of Marie Antoinette's children?

The oldest, Marie-Therese, was the only member of the royal family to survive the revolution. She was taken to Vienna. She went on to marry and died at the age of 72. Her second child, a son (the Dauphin), died when he was not yet 8. Her third child, also a son, became Dauphin after his brother's death. He died in prison when he was only ten years old. The last child, another daughter, died a little less than a month before her first birthday.

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What did Marie therese geoffrin discover?

Nothing, she wasn't involved in discovery.

What were some of Marie Therese Geoffrin's accomplishments?

Other than salons, nothing

How old is Marie Therese Geoffrin?

born june 26th 1699, died october 6th 1777

Who was the most influential hostess of social gatherings in Voltaire's time?

It was Marie-Therese Geoffrin. Here's a URL to porve it too:

The most influential hostess of social gathering in voltairs time helping to shape the taste and manners of the enlightenment?

It was Marie-Therese Geoffrin.

When did Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin die?

Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin died in 1777.

When was Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin born?

Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin was born in 1699.

Who ran the most influential of Paris salons during the enlightenment?

Madame Geoffrin ran the most influential salon in Paris during the Enlightenment. Her salon attracted prominent writers, philosophers, and artists, fostering intellectual and cultural discussions that influenced the period.

When did Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau die?

Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau died in 1814.

When was Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau born?

Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau was born in 1733.

Who were Marie Therese Charlotte's kids?

Marie Therese Charlotte was the daughter of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. She never had any cildren.

What has the author Marie-Therese Bonvin written?

Marie-Therese Bonvin has written: '...a la lumiere des autres'