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christopher colmbus and pizzaro

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Q: Where two explorers did not sail from the country they were born in?
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What two instruments made it possible for explorers to sail in the Age of Exploration?

Compass and sextant.

What were the fears of explorers and sailors?

What were two reasons why were the first explorers fearful to sail?

Where do Brittany Ferries sail too?

Brittany Ferries sail to two main countries which are France and Spain These are the main countries Brittany Ferries sail to how ever they sail to many areas within that country.

What are the names of the two sail boats?

The front sail is the jib. The back sail (the one attached to the boom) is the mainsail.

Who two European explorers that explored south America and north America?

Two such explorers were Christopher Columbus and Hernán Cortés.

What are the release dates for The Fable of the Two Explorers - 1922?

The Fable of the Two Explorers - 1922 was released on: USA: 17 September 1922

A sail on a sailboat is a triangle with two sides perpendicular and no two sides congruent What two terms could be used to describe the sail?

Right angled, scalene.

Who were two explorers Queen Elizabeth supported?

The two explorers Queen Elizabeth supported were Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake.

The two explorers who hoped to find a western sea route to Asia?

The two explorers were Columbus and Newport.

What two explorers did Marco polo inspire?

---- == ==

What country did Henry Hudson set sail from to America?

Henry Hudson sailed from England for two voyages. He sailed from Amsterdam for a voyage for the Dutch East India Company.

What is the Name of a sail which is set furthest forward on a vessel with two or more such sails?

The jibsail or spinnaker sail.