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The Zulu

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Q: Which African tribe fought the Boers for control of the region?
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Which cultures fought with the zulus in the 19th century over the control of land in south Africa?

The Boers and Britain

Was The Boer War fought between British and Boers over control of mines in the Transvaal?


Who were the Boers and who did the fight?

Boers were Dutch settlers and the fought the Zulus whoes land they were entering

Who were the boers and whom did they fight?

Boers were Dutch settlers and the fought the Zulus whoes land they were entering

Where did the British Boers and Zulus fight in the late 19 century?

The "Boers" were not British, they were of Dutch heritage. The British fought the "Boers" and the "Zulus" in South Africa.

The anglo-boer war was fought between?

English and boers

Who were involved in the boers?

The Boer wars were two wars fought between Britain and the two independent boer republics, the Orange Free State and the South African Republic( Transvaal Republic).

The boers were descendants of?

In the Boer Wars the British fought against the Boers, who were descended mainly from Dutch settlers and also from some French and German Protestants.

Who were the Boers and why did they go to south Africa?

The Boers were the original Dutch settlers in South Africa. They have now become Afrikaaners and many are still in South Africa.

The british defeated the boers to take control of this area?

South africa

Why did the British have a fight with South Africa?

South Africa was only formed in 1910 and there was never a war between South Africa and Britain, however the British fought wars with the Boers for control of gold and diamond and Zulus for control of Natal before South Africa was formed.

What African language do Boers speak?

Boers originally spoke 'old Dutch' , now modified with the addition of many new words to 'Afrikaans'.I once spoke Afrikaans to a Dutch policeman who retorted that I spoke like his grandfather !