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George Rogers Clark

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"Mad" Anthony Wayne

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Q: Which American officer controlled most of the western frontier during the American revolution?
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Who killed british police officer john saunders?

Bhagat Singh, an Indian socialist, who seeked revolution during the British colonization of India.

Who is Marquis de Lafayette?

Lafayette was a French nobleman who became interested in the American Revolution and came to America to aid the colonists. In America he served without pay as a aide to George Washington. He turned out to be very useful.Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, was a French military officer born in the province of Auvergne in south central France. Lafayette was a general in the American Revolutionary War and a leader of the Garde Nationale during the French Revolution.The Marquis left France to help Patriots in the American Revolution. (He was one of the richest men in France.) Soon, he got command as a general without pay and became one of Washington's best and favorite generals. He was a good man and kind to his men. He was wounded in action in the service of the Continental Army.After the Revolution, he returned to France and was a key supporter of the French Revolution, but didn't like how it went. Lafayette was imprisoned during the French Revolution and America but most importantly, Washington was not able to free him. He was moved to several prisons mostly throughout Prussia. His fortune was confiscated by the state.Read The General and Madame de Lafayette by Jason Lane. It will answer all of your questions about this heroic freedom fighter.

What is mark pfetzer doing now?

Since 2002, Mark Pfetzer has been employed as a police officer. He started as a police officer in Mason, Ohio and now is in New Mexico.

What was the name of the officer who shot ben hall?

tom flinn

Why was the officer unhappy with MacChesnay?

macchesnay's regiment had stopped short of a great charge

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Who was the polish officer that led the American troops in the American revolution?


Who was a Prussian military officer during the American Revolution?

i dont know 1234567890

Who was the French Officer that volunteered to serve under General Washington in the American Revolution?


Who was general for the continental army during the American revolution and then an officer in the British army?

Benedict Arnold

Who was a navel officer who dafeated the British on the sea during the American Revolution?

John Paul Jones he was on a French ship.

Who was baron var steuben?

He was a Prussian military officer who helped train and organize the Continental Army in the American Revolution.

Who was a connecticut officer who went behind british lines to get secret information during the american revolution?

Nathan hale

Who was General Lafayette and what did he do during the American Revolution?

He was a French General Officer and George Washington's Chief of Staff and Inspector General.

Was a Drum Major in the American Revolution an Officer?

The American army of the revolution based its ranks very closely on those of the British army of the period; a drum major is not a rank, but an appointment, meaning that soldiers of different ranks can hold that title. Normally a senior sergeant or a sergeant-major (a warrant officer) would be appointed drum major - so it would be below the rank of a commissioned officer.

Who led the British Army in the northern states during the American Revolution?

John Burgoyne was one such officer until his surrender at Saratoga.

What role did the british officer play in the revolution?

A british officer

Is it true that a german officer trained the inexperienced American soldiers how to fight with bayonets?

Yes, during the American Revolution (1775-1981), a Prussian officer Von Stuebben came to the American colonies to help train Americans as soldiers that included marching, firing muskets and bayonet fighting.