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Q: Which countries were in the central power in the second year of World War 1?
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What are the central power countries of world war 1?

Italy, Germany and Austria-Hugary.

What countries belonged to the central power of World War 2?

Austria-Hungry, Bulgaria, Germany, Ottoman Empire.

What countries were on the central power side?


What central power lost all its empire and was broken up into separate countries after World War 1?

ottoman empire

Is Russia a 2nd world country?

Russia is´nt really either of them because they were a super power and still have considerable say in the world. Saying that, you could say they are a developing nation as they are currently trying to increase power and influence to get back to the power days of what was the Soviet Union

How many countries have veto power in world?

5 veto power countries in the world

What were the country that made up the central power?

The countries that made up Central Power where, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and The Ottoman Empire

What in Central America produces hydroelectricity?

how do many central American countries produce the power they need

Who were the 2 major central power countries?

The Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the German Empire were the two most powerful central powers and accounted for about 75% of central power losses.

Which countries were a member a central power?

Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary

Which countries consisted of central powers?

In world war 1 the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empire. Italy was part of that alliance but because it switched sides before the name changed from the triple alliance to the central powers it is generally not considered a central power.

Which countries in Central Western Europe rely on hydroelectric power for most of their energy needs?

Countries in Central Western Europe that rely on hydroelectric power for most of their energy needs include Austria, Switzerland, and Norway. These countries have abundant water resources which they utilize to generate a significant portion of their electricity from hydropower.