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Q: Which country had a revolution in 1917?
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What country is the home of the bolshevik revolution?

The Bolshevik Revolution took place in Russia in 1917.

Which country left the war in 1917 due to revolution?

Its Russia

The czar was the ruler of what country?

Imperial Russia. This era ended with the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Which empire had a revolution in 1917?

The Russian Empire had a revolution in 1917.

Was the Russian Revolution of 1917 led by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks?

There were two revolutions in 1917, but Lenin led only the second one. The first was the so-called February Revolution (also called the Patriotic Revolution). The second was the October Revolution (also called the Bolshevik Revolution).

What major country withdrew from World War 1?

russia because of the bolsheviek revolution in 1917. Technically, it was the Russian Revolution in 1917, which led to the Russian Civil War, which was won by the Bolsheviks.

What country left World War 1?

Russia dropped out of WW1 in 1917 due to internal Revolution (the Bolshevik revolution to be exact.)

When were the communist revolutions?

The first communist revolution was on October 25, 1917, according to the calendar then in use in Russia. The date was March 7, 1917 according to the calendar in use in western and other nations. This revolution is known as the October Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution. The other revolution in 1917, known as the February Revolution was not a communist revolution.

Who inspired the Russian Revolution of 1917?

Lenin inspired the Russian Revolution of 1917.Lenin

What revolution did Lenin lead?

Lenin's Revolution is known as the October Revolution of 1917 or the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. There had been another Russian Revolution in 1917 called the February Revolution, but Lenin did not figure in that at all. He rose to power because of the October Revolution.

What were the three stages of the Russian Revolution?

The three stages of the "Russian Revolution" were the 1905 Revolution after Bloody Sunday, the February Revolution of 1917 and the October Revolution of 1917.

Who is founder of french revolution 1917?

USSR in 1917