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Q: Which was the largest concentration camp in World War 2?
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What is unique about Ravensbruck Concentration Camp?

Ravensbruck was the largest women's concentration camp during World War II. .

When was Camp Concentration created?

during World War 2 in Germany

Punishment in concentration camp during world war 2?

yes they still could be punished in a concentration camp

Who was in the concentration camp?

a concentration camp is a place where Jews went to during world war 2. you can see them now but they are really shocking.

What was the bloodiest concentration camp during world war 2?


Where were the Jew's most likely to be in World War 2?

a concentration camp

Which was the largest Japanese internment camp during the second world war?

The largest Japanese Internment Camp built during World War 2 was the Oikawa camp in Nevada. It held approximately 50,000 people against their will during the war.

What was a Concentration Camp World War 2?

no they had the prefix KZ, WW2 refers to World War Two or WWII

How did the gestapo treat the Jews in World War 2?

Stomping.Rape.Or get them concentration camp

What was the most long-lasting concentration camp?

Dachau was the longest running concentration camp in World War II. It opened in 1933, and wasn't liberated until 1945.

How many Jews were taken to a concentration camp in World War 2?

7 million

Did anne frank surrvive the world war 2?

No, she died in a German Concentration Camp.