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There was no official government of Germany when WWI ended because they had destroyed their economy and were in control of troops who "kept the peace" but after a series of elections Adolf Hitler became grand chancellor of Germany

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Q: Who became president of Germany after World War 1?
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Who became the president after world war 2 was ending?

Harry Truman became President in April 1945 due to the death of Franklin Roosevelt. Germany was soon to surrender and the war in Asia ended a few months later.

Who did President Wilson blame for World War 1?

President Wilson blamed Germany for World War 1.

Who ruled Germany before Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany in the years leading to World War II. He became chancellor of Germany in 1933, six years before the war began.

What year did the US join in the war?

World War Two became GLOBAL on 07 December 1941 when it was attacked at Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt declared war on Japan and Germany on 8 December 1941.

Was Hitler president of Germany during world war l?

No. In WW 1, he was a corporal in the Army. He was president of Germany in WW 2.

Who was the president in war war 2?

President Roosevelt was the president during World War 2. He did not live to see the end of the war however. Vice President Truman became the President and he was president when the war ended and during the Korean War.

Who was a general in world war 2 who became a president?

Dwight Eisenhower .

Who became president at world war 2?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt .

What did Eisenhower do after World War 2?

He became President of the United States.

Who became very powerful in Germany?

Adolf Hitler became very powerful in Germany during the start of world war two:). I hope that was help

Who was Italy with in world war?

World War 1: At first, Italy was in alliance with Germany and Austria- Hungary, but then later on, when war has developed it became neutral. World War 2: Italy was with Germany, both of these countries were nazi countries.

A country that spit in two after World War 2?

Germany became West and East Germany (not by choice however).