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Q: Who claimed to be Charlemagne's successor in 1962?
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Who was Charlemagnes father?

Charlemagnes fathers name was Pepin the Short Charlemagnes grandfather was Charles Martel which means Charles the Hammer

Is Charlemagnes father pepin the short?


What were charlemagnes's weaknesses?

He could not read or write

Who was Charlemagnes grandfather?

it was Charles Martel

What are Charlemagnes values?

He was a great leader who conquered much of Europe.

Lady Jane Grey did?

She was named by Edward VI as his successor and claimed the throne of England but after only 9 days Edward's eldest sister Mary Tudor successfully claimed the throne as Mary I and Lady Jane Grey was executed for Treason.

Was Charlemagnes father pepin the short?

Yes Pepin the short was his father

What describes Charlemagnes goal?

He wanted to restore order to Europe, and to eliminate the Franks.

What is the significance of Charlemagnes coat of arms?

It is split in half and the eagle represents Rome

What helped unite Charlemagnes empire?

A strong and efficient government.

What is the successor of predecessor of 5679?

5679 successor

How is the number 5 similar between Roman and Mayan numbers?

According to Peano's axioms, in either system, it is the successor to the successor to the successor to the successor to the successor to 0.