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Q: Who criticized the wealth and privileges of French kings and nobles?
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The National Assembly took what action to control the Catholic church?

The National Assembly seized and held the lands of the church.

Who lost power in the moderate phase of the French Revolution?

The Catholic Church was stripped of most of its wealth and influence.

Who was in the three estates of the old regime why was this system so unequal?

The three estates divided the social classes of Revolution Era France. There was an estate that had the wealth nobles, there was an estate that had church people in it, such as priests and bishops, and there was an estate that had the common people in it. It was unequal as the nobles lived comfortable lives in their palaces and the common people sometimes had to steal bread just to live.

The reign of french king Louis xiv from 1643- 1715 was marked by power and wealth how did the historical context affect the art of that time?

There was a focus on colorful landscapes and happy scenes.

Why do you think Louis XIV believed he needed such a large and luxurious palace?

Well, the Palace of Versailles was built because the nobles were trying to overthrow the French monarchy, and in order to keep a close eye on them, Louis XIV built a beautiful palace, somewhat far from the city of Paris, for the nobles to live in with him. This prevented them from starting any uprisings. As for the rituals, the king's day was timed down to the last minute so that the officers in the service of the monarch could plan their work as accurately as possible. From the rising ceremony to the retiring, he followed a strict schedule, as did all the members of the Court, all regulated like clockwork. Hope this helps!

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Austrian-Hungarian nobles dominated life in which way?

Austro-Hungarian nobles dominated life through their control of wealth, land, and political power. They played key roles in politics, society, and culture, shaping the course of the empire and influencing the lives of the common people. Their wealth and social status allowed them to lead lavish lifestyles and enjoy various privileges in society.

What are differences of being noble and being a serf?

Nobles were aristocrats with power, wealth, and land ownership, while serfs were peasants bound to the land and subject to the authority of the nobles. Nobles had social status, legal privileges, and often lived in luxurious conditions, while serfs had limited rights, were tied to the land they worked on, and lived in poverty.

. Why did the nobles in Mecca want to silence Muhammad?

He encouraged everyone to share their wealth.

How did wudi reduce the power of nobles?

By draining their wealth with heavy financial burdens.

How could the 3rd estate argue that they are the true voice of France?

The third Estate (everyone except Nobles and members of the clergy) represented the overwhelming majority of French people. the other two estates accounted for about 2% only of the French population but trusted the wealth and power.

Why were nobles important?

Nobles were important because they helped the king to run his lands. They also provided wealth and workers who would in turn help the kingdom as a whole succeed.

What did farmers pay samurais?

Nobles told farmers to pay the samurai land for the samurai did not care for wealth (currency)

What is the french word for wealth?


What is a class system?

How people are ranked in society..example...Peasants, Nobles, Etc. Ranks often go by wealth and education.

What is class system?

How people are ranked in society..example...Peasants, Nobles, Etc. Ranks often go by wealth and education.

What were ancient Egyptian government officials privileges?

Government officials live luxurious lives. They were mostly nobles, who had lots and lots of luxuries, such as fine homes, great wealth, and plenty of time to socialize. They ate the best food, they dressed in the finest clothing, they had lots of banquets and feasts, and much more.

What do the defarges learn from john barsad when he visits their shop?

The Defarges learn from John Barsad that Charles Darnay is in a relationship with Lucie Manette and is planning to marry her. Barsad also mentions that Darnay is a French aristocrat who has denounced his family's wealth and privileges.