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Q: Who invented the Indian rupee sign?
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Who invented the rupee?

The Indian rupee was invented by the British. P.S i got it from yahoo answers!

Does a Indian rupee sign come before or after the amount?


What sign for money do they use India?

The Indian Rupee sign (₹) is used to represent currency in India. It was officially adopted in 2010 as the symbol for the Indian Rupee.

What is the Indian currency?

Indian currency is Rupee (Re).

Where can you find pictures of an Indian money sign?

There are many major currencies in the world which have valid Signs of their own; as for example the dollar, the pound, the Yen etc. As far as the Indian rupee is concerned, there isn't a Sign for it per se. Althoug Ru., Rs., & Re., have been used since times immemorable. The GOI had also started a competition to get proposed Sign for the Indian rupee. The last date for registration and sending in the entry, although, has past (which by the way was 15th of April, '09). The winner's sign might be taken up as the official rupee sign. Untill then, there is no official sign for Our Own Currency, the Rupee. -Chetan D.

What is a rupee tree?

Indian rupee

How much is 1 dollars in Indian rupee?

This depends on what dollar 1 US Dollar in Indian Rupee is 63.60 1 Australian Dollar in Indian Rupee is 50.32 1 Barbardian in Indiian Rupee is 31.98 1 Bahamian Dollar in Indian Rupee is 64.01 1 Canadian Dollar in Indian Rupee is 51.04 1 New Zealand Dollar in Indian Rupee is 46.15

When did Danish Indian rupee end?

Danish Indian rupee ended in 1845.

1000 riyal equals how much Indian rupee?

1500 indian rupee

How much 5500000 in Indian rupee?

how much 5500000 pounds in indian rupee

What is the current exchange of rate of Nepalese rupee against Indian rupee?

Indian Rupee is stronger than PKR (Pakistani Rupee). Though, PKR improved a bit against INR (Inidan Rupee) in recent months but still, it is approximately 0.63 of INR.1 PKR = 0.63 INR

How is the basic monetary unit divided in India?

The currency of India is the Indian rupee.