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For the most part, Spanish and Portuguese conquerors landed on, or marched into what is now the continent of South America. Yes the Spanish Conquistador Cortes first conquered the Aztec Indians in what is now called Mexico. There is now of course only 2 continents in the Western Hemisphere. North America & South America. South America begins at the southern most part of Panama. For ease of identification, the term Central America is often used to describe the area of Mexico and Panama. This however, is not true geography.

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Q: Who landed on the mainland of South America for the first time?
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Who was the first recorded landing of europeans in south America?

The first recorded landing of Europeans in South America was in 1498. During the third expedition of Columbus to the New World, he landed in South America.

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Christopher Columbus found America in1492.

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A lot of people think he landed in North America but he didn't he landed in the Caribbean.

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1741 January 21 the first ship landed on America.

Which explorer laid the basis for spanish claims in the Americas?

I guess if your count the island of Hispanola that Columbus landed on as the first it would be that, but on the mainland of North America it would be De Soto.

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