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Q: Who organized the Berlin Conference?
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Was the meeting of 14 European nations to divide Africa?

It was the Conference of Berlin

What is an alternate name for the Berlin Conference?

The Berlin Conference, which took place in 1884 - 1885 is known by a couple of alternate names. One is the Congo Conference, and the other is the Berlin West Africa Conference.

What place were africans given at conference table in Berlin?

In Berlin

What details did the Berlin Conference decide among Europeans?

What did the 15 European countries who met at the Berlin Conference in 1884 determine

What impact did the Berlin Conference have on Africa?

The Berlin Conference regulated how European colonization and trade could take place in Africa. Known also as the Congo Conference, this conference brought about the brutal power of King Leopold II.

Where is the Berlin Conference held?

The Berlin Conference was held in 1884 in Berlin. Fourteen European countries and the United States got together to plan the further exploitation of Africa.

Who was not at the Berlin conference?

African tribes

When did Berlin conference start?


What was not a condition of the Berlin conference?


What did the 15 countries who met at the Berlin conference in 1884 determine?

What did the 15 European countries who met at the Berlin Conference in 1884 determine

Who called the berlin conference?

German chancellor Otto von Bismark was the one who called all the major western powers in the Berlin Conference.

What was the purpose of the Berlin conference 1884?

The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to lay down rules regarding the division of Africa without going to war for it.