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France (George Clemenceau )and Britain (David Lloyd George)

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Q: Who penalized Germany harshly in world war 1?
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Who was Germany harshly penalized and embittered at the end of World War 1?

the Treaty of Versailles.

Germany was harshly penalized and embittered at the end of World War 1 by who?

the Treaty of Versailles.

How did the resolution of World War I impact on the start of World war 2?

The Allies treated Germany very harshly with the treaty. After World War 1 Germany was in economical crisis. If the Allies would have helped Germany after the war maybe Adolf Hitler would never have a reason to start World War 2

Which action did Allied leaders take to ensure that the treaty ending World War 2 would not create the same problems that arose following World War 1?

Answer this question… They avoided harshly punishing Germany for its role in the war.

Did Woodrow Wilson feel that Germany should be punished harshly for it's role in World War 1?

No. He wanted a piece without victory. Look up his "Fourteen Points" enjoy :)

Why did the Germans like president Wilson's fourteen points?

They believed Wilson would not allow the Allies to treat Germany harshly after the war.

Was Hitler penalized during World War 2?

He committed suicide before he could be brought to justice.

Which group was treated harshly by the us government during world war 2?


Is there a war in Germany?

No, the last war in Germany was World War 2

Which countries fought against Germany in World War 1 but on Germany's side in World War 2?

Japan emerged as a world power, but Germany was weak and humiliated

Germany after World War two?

Germany was left banrupt after world war two

Did Germany take victory in World War 1?

No. Germany lost World War I.