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Lenin and his Bolshevik supporters promised these to the Russian people. They meant an end to Russia's involvement in World War I, a redistribution of land to the peasant farmers and an end to food shortages cause by the inept governing of the Tsar.

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The phrase "Peace, Land and Bread" was a slogan used by Lenin during the October Revolution. It is often reiterated by the Proletarians and associated with the Bolsheviks.

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Q: Who promised Peace Food and Land?
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Vladimir Lenin, head of the Bolshevik Party promised this to the Russian people to get them to support his cause.

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The April Theses promised the Russian people several things for when the Bolsheviks seized power in October 1917. Lenin's promises to the people of Russia are best summed up in his slogan 'peace, land, bread'. Firstly, he promised peace; Lenin said that he would end the First World War against Germany immediately. This would bring troops home and allow production to shift back towards food and away from munitions. Secondly, he promised land; the peasants had been seizing land in the countryside. The Provisional Government had failed to reach a solution for this land problem. Lenin promised the peasants the land they had seized from the landowners. Third and finally, he promised bread; the workers in Russia had faced major food shortages during the war - a cause of the February Revolution - and Lenin knew the workers could not produce on an empty stomach. Production would swing towards food and transport would no longer be used to ferry troops and munitions and would be used to transport food into the towns and cities.

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