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it was ruled by a series of unjust and racist caudillos who were the creoles that had come into power after the peninsularies fled back to Spain due to successful revolutiions led by simon bolivar and jose de san martin among others

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Q: Who ruled Latin America during the 1800s?
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During the 1800s in Latin America a military dictator?

There were several military dictators in the 1800's in Latin America. Juan Manuel Rosas ruled in Argentina. Juan Jose Flores ruled in Ecuador.

Which best describes the political situation in Latin America in 1800?

In the early 1800s, Latin America was mostly under Spanish and Portuguese colonial rule, and there were movements for independence gaining strength. By the end of the 1800s, most Latin American countries had gained their independence through revolutions and uprisings.

Most of the caudillos who ruled Latin America countries after independence?


Which country had ruled the most area of latin America?

Spain and Portugal ruled most of Latin America, although Native Americans lived there before then.

What continent ruled most of Latin America?

Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, England, the Netherlands).

What two civilizations ruled Latin America until the Spanish arrived in the 1500s?

The Inca and Aztec

What three countries in latin America were still ruled by colonial powers in 1828?

brazil, spain and Portugal

Which king ruled during the war for independence for America?

king GEORGE the 3

Who Ruled Venezuela in the 1800s?

me because I'm boss

What colonies were ruled by Italy in 1800s?

Eritrea, Italian Somaliland

What colonies were ruled by Japan in 1800s?

Formosa (Taiwan) and Korea.

What two European countries controlled most of south America from 1500- 1800?

in the beginning of the 1800's, Latin America was ruled by Spain (except Brazil, ruled by Portugal), By the end of the century, most states had gained independence, thanks largely to movements spearheaded by Simon Bolivar