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They thought that North America had lots of gold, silver, and exotic foods, and that who ever ruled North America was even more powerful.

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Q: Why did England want to establish colonies in North America?
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Why were Spain France and England in North America?

All were in North America to establish colonies and collect resources.

Which country did not explore or establish colonies in north America Spain England Germany France?


In the late 1500s England began to establish colonies in north America to provide?

New Markets For its produce to obtain

How did England's rivalry with Spain drive the nation to establish new colonies in North America?

Where they could worship as they wish

Does England have colonies in north America?

No, England DID have colonies in North America. Then there was that little fireworks show, and now there is the US.

How many colonies did England establish on Mainland North America?

14, I think... 13 that became the us and one that became canada.

Where did the English and french establish colonies in America?

Those colonies were established in North, South and Central America.

What cleared for the England to start colonies in north America?

The defeat of the Spanish Armada cleared the way for England to start colonies in North America.

What is England's attempts to establish colonies in North America and the results?

The colonists came and built cities, grew crops, and started the United States.

Which was the first European kingdom to establish colonies in north America?


Why did great Britain establish colonies in north America in the 1800s?

Religious freedom

Location of the new England colonies?

north east America