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This quote is attributed to Voltaire

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Q: Who said Common Sense is not so common?
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Why wad common sence so popular?

Why was Common Sense so popular when America was declaring independence

Is world bank is common noun?

The World Bank is the name of a specific entity, so it is a proper noun.

What did the mincans and mycenaeans have in common?

The Minoans and Mycenaeans used the same script, the so-called Linear-A script developed by the Minoans. The Mycenaeans only adapted it to the needs of the Mycenaean language. They also in a way shared culture, religion and art with the Minoans, in the sense that the Mycenaeans after conquering the Minoans, took over - with only some adaptions - the Minoan culture.

Who was in the three estates of the old regime why was this system so unequal?

The three estates divided the social classes of Revolution Era France. There was an estate that had the wealth nobles, there was an estate that had church people in it, such as priests and bishops, and there was an estate that had the common people in it. It was unequal as the nobles lived comfortable lives in their palaces and the common people sometimes had to steal bread just to live.

What is Canadian identity?

To tell the truth no one can answer this question, it is all based on perception. Some people may say it is how many years you have spent in Canada or some people may say if you love hockey. This question is quite perplexing. --------- But not so perplexing for those with roots in the land going back hundreds of years. There is no "Canadian" identity. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with it's own history and cultures, often many cultures. To suggest there is a Canadian identity is like suggesting there is an Asian identity. Sure there may be some common stereotypes seen by people from outside the area but for those inside the area they would not see a common identity Common causes, common histories maybe but each group has it's own identity. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations and cultures.

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Is adding and subtracting common sense?

jesus said so

Can you help with making sentence with common sense?

Common sense is not so common. My most common sense is my sense of humor. Some early American Colonist wrote a book called "Common Sense".

Is common sense the sixth sense?

Common sense is not considered a sixth sense. Common sense refers to practical judgment based on experience and reasoning, while the traditional five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) are the means through which we perceive the world around us.

When do you use common sense?

Common Sense should be used, well, commonly. The term 'Common Sense' refers to knowledge that doesn't need to be said; such as that if you have long hair, you should tie it back before cooking, or that if water is muddy, you shouldn't drink it. It has been said that common sense is becoming less common in society because new technologies and innovative methods don't make us think actively, so we are inclined not to think through decisions and therefore not see the 'common sense' solution. In other words, it is believed that our "smart" technology is slowly making us "stupid"

Can you have common sense without any type of knowledge?

I don't think so because common sense is the accumulation of ordinary day-to-day knowledge that we refer to as common sense.

Why wad common sence so popular?

Why was Common Sense so popular when America was declaring independence

Why did so mamy people in the colonies read common sense?

so many people read common sense because it was in a language everyone could understand

Why is it called common sense?

Because it is so rare

How did Thomas Paine contribute to the American Revolution?

He wrote common sense and he invented the horse bridle

What part of the brain does common sense come from?

My teacher used to say that common sense is very uncommon. Another statement is very true that I was born intelligent. Education ruined me. So common sense comes from the brain, which is not ruined by education.

Who has the most common sense men or women?

It actually doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. Common sense ties in naturally and how you're raised. Being a woman, I'm more biased to say that women have more common sense, but so would a it's really not fair to just say one has more common sense over the other.

Is Bella pretty?

no...have some common sense! She is so ugly!