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Napoleon was able to conquer continental Europe due to his superior army and tactics. However the French Navy was inferior to the British Navy so he could not easily invade and defeat Britain.

Britain, meanwhile, was free to aid the enemies of Napoleon in Europe by subsidising them and sending them supplies.

Napoleon attempted to destroy Britain by destroying its trade. He forbade any country under his control to trade with Britain or accept British goods. This would deprive the British of their revenue and, he hoped, force them to stop supporting his opponents in Europe.

The strategy was ultimately unsuccessful.

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The Continental System tried, but he lacked adequate customs and coast guard people, had no Navy, and smuggling was popular.

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Q: Why did Napoleon want to stop British goods from reaching Europe?
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Napoleon want to stop British goods from reaching Europe?

He was trying to weaken England. This tactic was called the Continental System and it failed because European residents had grown accustomed to UK products and refused to end trade and smuggling. Napoleon's Naval Forces failed to prevent smuggling and were always at risk from the Royal Navy.

How did napoleon Bonaparte's try to use economic warfare to control the British?

Napoleon set up the CONTINENTAL SYSTEM which was an economic embargo from the entire continent of Europe against Britain. This kind of deprivation from goods would force British businesses to struggle both because of needed imported materials and the lack of a large external market to sell its goods. (While the United States and the British colonial empire still consumed British goods, there was much more volume to Britain-Europe trade than British-Americas trade.)

Did Napoleon stop British goods?

The Continental System tried, but there was inadequate customs enforcement and smuggling was popular.

What nation was to be denied access to mainland European markets under Napoleon's Continental System?

Great Britain was France's rival so Napoleon ordered a ban on British goods.

What is Napoleon's policy closing European ports to British goods?

The Continental System which was a failed Economic Boycott against the UK.

How did Napoleon Bonaparte to use economic warfare to control the British and why did the policy fail?

Napoleon did wage economic warfare against Britain by the Continental Blockade, which forbade to all European country to trade with Great Britain. Also goods of British origin, carried by neutral vessels were not allowed to be disembarked into European ports and even enter the territorial waters of European countries.

Where did british colonies export goods to?

England, Southern Europe, and also West Indies!

Why did Great Britain oppose to re-export trade?

it increased the demand for British goods in Europe

What was the Continental System of Napoleon?

It was a boycott on UK ships and goods into Europe that failed because people wanted the goods and smuggled them in. Napoleon did not have an adequate Customs Service, a Revenue Cutter System, a Coast Guard or a competitive Navy to protect those services so it never worked.

What was the economic policy of Europe in the 1500s through the 1700s that forced the colonies to buy British goods?


Where did the British colonies export the goods to?

England, Southern Europe, and also West Indies!

Why did Napoleon create the Continental System?

The sole reason Napoleon placed the embargo on England was too force them to concede to his demands. he believed that if England's trade resources were cut off then they would suffer, although this had the reverse affect. Continental Europe suffered far greater than did England; this led to a large set back in Napoleon's quest for world domination.