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The British Women were fighting for Women's Liberation and proceeded to interrupt speeches here and there and to march peacefully for their rights, but were not heard. Queen Victoria was not in favor of woman suffrage, and her Prime Ministers at the close of the nineteenth century, the liberal William Ewart Gladstone and the conservative Benjamin Disraeli, would not offend her by supporting woman suffrage bills in Parliament. The movement then grew more violent and mailboxes were burned; churches and country homes were burned; an attempt was made to bomb David Lloyd George's house because he refused to support women suffrage. Women carried bricks under their skirts to Oxford Street and a signal was given by blowing a whistle and the group of women threw the bricks through the windows and this tactic was named "the Argument of the Broken Pane." Many suffragettes wound up in prison where they went on hunger strikes and were force fed through the nose, leading to serious infections. A 'Cat and Mouse' bill was passed providing that women in poor health be released from prison until they recovered, at which time they would be rearrested.

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Q: Why did the Suffragettes bomb David Lloyd-George's house?
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