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The loyalists were British subjects living in the future U.S. and did not agree with the creation of the new country. So they left, most of them settling in Canada which was still apart of the British Empire.

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Many believed in Britain many loyalist helped them when they lost they felt as if they were going to get hanged or killed or probably known as traitors

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The loyalists stayed in Canada because it was ruled by the British and they felt unwelcome in America.

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Q: Why did the united empire loyalists come to Canada?
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Where did the empire loyalists come from?

They came from the United States.

Where did the United Empire Loyalists come from?

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Why did loyalists come to Canada after the American revolutionary war?

Many Loyalists wanted to remain 'loyal' to King George. Many were harassed by neighboring patriots after the war because they knew the loyalists' preference for the King. The loyalists were bullied and so, they decided to leave by ship for Canada. Though many stayed in Canada, eventually some did return to the US soil.

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