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In Tudor times woman wanted white skin to cover up the infectious disease known as small pox

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Q: Why do rich Tudor woman want white skin?
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They wore a very thick and white face makeup, because fair skin was found the most beautiful, with very bright red lips and cheeks. This makeup meant a woman was upper class and had money. Ceruse was a mixure of white lead and vinegar, and it was also poisonous. Most people use this extreme makeup to cover signs of aging. Face paint was known as fucus, it was a combination and types of red colour. Vermillion was most popular of all. Cochineal and madder were also used as rouge. It was applied in a thick layer on the lips.

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What image did Elizabeth 1 create with her appearance and clothes?

She was a perfect Tudor woman. She would have pure white skin, ruby red lips, rosy cheeks, bright eyes, fair hair and very white teeth. She always made the extra effort to look beautiful. She had to maintain a good image so her people would respect their Virgin Queen!

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"Alabaster skin" is a metaphor comparing a marble-like substance with a (usually woman's) skin - the purest alabaster is snow-white and translucent - that is, having a slightly see-through quality.

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What did edward Tudor look like?

Red headed , grey eyes, pale skin

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What was the white paint that elizabeth Tudor you rubbed on her face?

She would probably have used a mix of vinegar and white lead to whiten the face. Even though it contained arsenic and damaged the skin eventually, it was very popular among lady courtiers then, and for some centuries to follow.

What did the Tudors wear for their makeup?

Makeup was generally frowned upon in the early and mid tudor period, but became more popular when Elizabeth was Queen because she often wore it. In the tudor period make up was called 'paint' and was usually not very good because it was often gaudy in colour and clumsily applied. However more common forms of make up were used which lightened the skin and hair, because fair hair and skin was considered beautiful at the time. Elizabeth I used a conncoction of egg shell, egg white, ash, rose water and later white lead to make her skin white. This was because she was generally said to have a sallow complexion and after 1562 she was scarred from smallpox.

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