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Abbe believes that the Third Estate has everything needed to govern and run the country, but is held back by the privileges of the nobles and clergy. He also believes that if there was no clergy or nobility, then the Third Estate could be so much more. The Third Estate provides all of France with the essentials (food etc.), whilst the other two Estates do not work nor pay taxes, simply 'sitting back' and letting the Third Estate do all the work. Also, the Third Estate already consists of 97% of the whole of France so if they were as privileged as the other two Estates, it could be the 'whole' of France.

Abbe blames Louis for all of the Third Estates problems. They suffered many of these burdens due to his actions. For example, he made France go into war while already having financial problems. This resulted in more taxes (only paid by the Third Estate), and the peasants struggled to survive. He betrayed one of the ideals of the French Revolution, liberty. The Third Estate were allowed no freedom, even the bourgeoisie who were the privileged ones.

Louis was charged guilty for high treason and executed by the guillotine.

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Q: Why does Sieyes believe that the Third Estate is the one that sustains socity and why does he later call the third estate the whole?
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Who wrote pamphlet what is the third estate?

abbe sieyes

What has the author Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes written?

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes has written: 'What is the third estate'

Who was Abbe Sieyes and what was his role with the Third Estate?

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes was a clergyman and a politician found of Enlightened ideas. He wanted every French citizen to be considered equal. Sieyes was a representative of the Third Estate during the Estates General meeting in May 1789. He participated in the Declaration of the rights of man and citizen. source: http:/

The name of the work of Abbe Sieyes was?

He was the author of the 1789 pamphlet "What is the Third Estate". He was a Catholic priest and political writer who became a delegate to the Estates General representing Paris and the Third Estate.

What pamphlet is credited as being one of the instigators of the French Revolution?

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes' pamphlet "What Is the Third Estate?" .

What is the traditional status of the Third estate How does Sieyes want to change it and why?

The traditional status of the third estate was that they were middle-upper middle class and above but not nobles also known as bourgeoisie. They did not get the same number of votes as the first and second estate and was not treated as well. Sieyes wants to change the traditional status of the third estate by advocating the abandonment of the traditional functioning of the three Estates as separate parties and the combine them into a single chamber; National Assembly.

What are some famous quotes about the situation in France prior to 1789 and the resons for the french revolution?

What Is The Third Estate? Everything What Has It Been Until Now In The Political Order? Nothing What Does It Want To Be? Something -from "What is the Third Estate?" by Abbe Sieyes, 1789

Who wrote the book called What Is the Third Estate?

Written by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes as a political pamphlet in 1789. The Third Estate were the common people of France and were a nation within themselves. As such, they had no need of the First and Second Estates, the Clergy and the Aristocracy

What was Abbe Sieyes's role in the French Revolution?

He was a delegate from Paris to the Estates General representing the Third Estate, an unusual position for a member of the Catholic Clergy.

What 3 groups made up the 3rd estate?

The first estate was made up of clergies The second estate was made up of nobilities The third estate was made up of everyone who is not included in the first and second estate (According to Abbe Sieyes "what is the 3rd estate?" - everything)

What were 3 estates?

I believe the first estate are the religious people, the clergy if you will. The second estate were all the Aristocrats, Nobles and Merchants, and the third estate contained everybody else like the workers and commoners.

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