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Q: Why does madara want to rule the world?
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Does madara want to take sasukes monyekyo sharingan?

Madara does not want to take Sasuke's Mongekyo sharingan. Madara wants to create a new world were everyone can live in peace, but the process isn't in a good way.

When the world will end and plugs and water will rule the world?

Plugs and water will not rule the world, although they are nice to have when you want to take a bath.

Is there a disorder where you want to rule the world?

Yes it is megalomania.

What would Atticus Finch want if he could have anything in the world?

to rule the world

Why did Madara Uchiha change his name to Tobi?

People Thought Madara was dead after his Battle With he 1st hokage But he was alive but didn't want anyone to know he was alive

How did Tobi become madara?

He didn't become Madara, he is Madara.

What is the relationship between orochimaru and Tobi?

They want to destroy konoha, Tobi is madara

What is madara's plan in naruto?

Control the world by using an infinite illusion

Is madara Uchiha alive on Naruto or Naruto shippuden?

No. Madara Uchiha is dead but will be revived in the world war by a forbidden jutsu. Tobi (the guy with the orange mask) is not Madara. It is Obito Uchiha. Check out Naruto manga 590-608.

What nicknames does James Madara go by?

James Madara goes by Jamie Madara.

How madara became alive after being defeated by first Hokage?

It seems the person everyone believed was Madara Uchiha, is a fake, as the real Madara Uchiha's dead body was in Kabuto's possession, and he has been revived by the Impure World Resurrection technique.

Who stronger danzo or madara?