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Q: Why is Darius the great considered to be one of the greatest administrators in history?
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Who was the greatest conqueror of the world's history?

Genghis Khan -Mongol empire Thutmose III - Egyptian Empire Darius I - Persian Empire Alexander the Great - Macedonian Empire Napoleon Bonaparte - French Empire Cheng (Ch'in shih-huang-ti) - Chinese Empire Pompeius Magnus - Roman Empire Julius Caesar - Republic of Rome Attila the Hun - Hunnic Empire Hrorekr (Rurik) - Russian Empire Charles the Great - Charlemagne - Frankish Empire

What leader made the Persian Empire the largest in the world to that time?

King Cyrus the Great. It was expanded by his successors King Cambyses II and King Darius I to included Libya, Egypt and today's Pakistan.

How did Darius first approach the Greeks to gain their lands. What was their response?

The Greek city-states of Asia Minor had come under control of Persia when Cyrus the Great took over the Lydian Empire and the rest of Asia Minor. Darius succeeded to the throne and expanded control to include Thrace and Macedonia. So he already had taken over much of the Greek world.When the Asian Greek cities revolted in 499 BCE, he put the rebellion down over the following six years. The mainland Greek city-states of Eretria and Athens had intervened in support of them so Darius decided to take control of them as a warning to other mainland cities. This effort failed at the battle of Marathon in 490 BCE, so Darius realised that the only way to gain stability was to incorporate the cities within his empire under control of a Persian provincial governor. He sent envoys to the mainland cities with bribes, and some agreed to accept Persian control. Others did not so he realised he would have to use force for this remainder.He died before he could mount a full-scale invasion, leaving it to his son and successor Xerxes to carry it through. The southern mainland cities defeated the invasion in 480-479 BCE.

The political system of the Persian Empire under rulers such as Darius and Cyrus was a(n)?

Absolute Monarchy APEX

What continent is the persion empire mostly on?

Darius the Great, the fourth king of the Achaemenid Empire, ruled over the Persian Empire when it was at its largest, stretching from The Caucasus and West Asia to what was then Macedonia, the Black Sea, Central Asia, and even into Africa including parts of Libya and Egypt

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Who extended the Persian empire to its greatest length?

Darius the Great.

Who is Darius the archer?

Is the first political logo in history

What did Darius do for history?

Darius leads a campaign into southeast Europe, by building a bridge of boats across the Bosporus river.

Who were the two greatest kings of the Persian Empire?

Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great.

When was History in the Making by Darius Rucker released?


When was the Persian Empire at its greatest height?

About 500 BCE under King Darius the Great who expanded it to its greatest area and established stability and prosperity.

How old was Darius when he threw Daniel into the lion's den?

The Book of Daniel does not say how old Darius was when he threw Daniel into the lion's den. It seems to have happened soon after Darius conquered Babylon, so presumably in this story, Darius was still a reasonably young man.The story should not be confused with history, so we can not look to the history books for an answer: the Book of Daniel only loosely corresponds to the history of the period. In history, it was not Darius who conquered Babylon, but Cyrus, and in history no one called Daniel ever held the powerful posts in both the Babylonian Empire and the Persian, as portrayed in Daniel. In other words, the Book of Daniel was a second-century-BCE novel and questions about its characters must be answered from what can be gleaned within the book.

When did the Persian Empire reach its greatest extent?

During Darius the Great's reign at the end of the 6th Century BCE.

What encouraged king darius to be a king?

Seven Persian nobles deposed a king they considered to be an imposter and offered the throne to one of their number, Darius. Too good an offer to refuse.

What did Darius do?

Darius I had many accomplishments and many of them contributed to history. Some examples are the great Persian city of Persepolis which still stands today. Another is the great Royal Road.

When was the Persian Empire at it height?

About 500 BCE under King Darius the Great who expanded it to its greatest area and established stability and prosperity.

What city state is Darius from?

Darius is from Darius