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It was the largest and most devastating war in human history.

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Q: Why is world war 2 historically significant?
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The war crimes trials that followed world war 2 were historically significant because for the first time?

people were punished for commiting crimes during world war 2

Why is Franklin D Roosevelt significant to World War 2?

He helped win the war.

What was significant about channel islands during World War 2?

They were occupied by the Germany in World War 2 so it was easier to attack Endland.

Why was code breaking significant in World War 2?

Code breaking was a significant part of World War II because it helped the Allies win over the Axis.

In what most significant way was the American attitude towards the exercise of world power after World War 1 and World War 2 the same?

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Why was the battle at pearl harbor significant?

the battle was the start of world war 2

What was the most significant development in electronics since world war 2?


What are some significant events of the 1940's?

World war 2 lol

Why was the attack on Pearl Harbor a significant event during World War 2?

It drew the United states into World WAR 2 in both Europe and asia

What 2 nations were the most significant nations involved in the cold war after World War 2?

The USSR, and the United States of America.

How was the persecution of Jews significant to the outcome of World War 2?

I don't think the Nazi persecution of the Jews had any bearing on the '''outcome''' of World War 2. The war (unlike the Holocaust) was not about the Jews.

Why was world war 2 significant to the people of the U.S.?

it took more lives than any other war.