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Because Germany invaded Belgium.

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Q: Why the schlieffen plan brought Britain to World War 1?
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What was Germany's plan on to win world war 1?

Schlieffen Plan

What is reason of first world war?

The first world war was mainly started with Archduke Franz Ferdninand II's murder in Serbia. Germany helped Austria-Hungry in this difficult situation and Russia joined the other side. Other factors were:- the Treaty of Cognac which was between Britain and Belgium before the war, and this is why Britain got involved when Germany invaded Belgium with the Schlieffen Plan. France got involved because of the Pressure Germany was applying to the Rhineland, France's industrial land. All of this together caused the First world war.

Who did Germany invade to get to France in World War 1?

Germany used the Schlieffen plan to go through Belgium to get to France, overpower them in a matter of weeks and go back and defend Germany's borders from Russia.

What invasion led to great Britain entering world war 1?

Germany invaded Belgium as a path to get to France. (France and Germany had already mutually declared war in support of Austria-Hungary vs. Russia.) The French army was waiting for them on the Frech-German border but by passing thru neutral Belgium, Germany was able to get their army BEHIND the French army. It was called Schlieffen Plan after the German Field Marshal Alfred Graf von Schlieffen, who developed it. Britain had decades earlier pledged to guarantee the territorial integrity of Belgium as it had previously been coveted by Germany, France, and The Netherlands. Actually, it had previously been PART of The Netherlands and its independence was when Britain pledged its support. Germany gambled that Britain would NOT honor its commitment to go to war in support of Belgium. It was STUPID of Germany to think that Britain would ignore its responsibility.

How did nationalism lead France to join World War 1?

It didn't. France 'joined' the war because it was invaded without warning by Germany - and was nearly overrun until they finally managed to put up a succesful defensive line at the river Marne, close to Paris. The Germans had devised a detailed battle plan for this invasion (the Schlieffen Plan) since the late 1800's.

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What was Germany's plan on to win world war 1?

Schlieffen Plan

What was the name of Germany's plan at the beginning of World War 1?

The Schlieffen Plan

In what year did Germany introduce a plan which included attacking France in the event of a Russian attack on Germany?

In 1905, known as the Schlieffen Plan, the German, Von Schlieffen drew up a plan of action that involved attacking France through Belgium if Russia made an attack on Germany.

Why was Belgium important in World War 1?

Belgium was invaded by Germany on 4 August 1914, despite the fact that its neutrality was guaranteed by Britain, France and Germany. Since 1906 Germany had only one plan (the Schlieffen Plan) for a future war with France and that involved marching through Belgium. Incidentally, the original version of the plan involved marching through the Netherlands, too, but it was revised after Schlieffen's retirement.

Name of the two front war plan by Germany in World War 1?

"The Schlieffen Plan". Named for the general commanding the Imperial German Army when the plan was developed, a generation before WWI.the schlieffen plan

Was the schlieffen plan developed before or during World War 1?

before The Schlieffen Plan was developed in 1905, 9 years before war actually broke out.

What was the impact of the Schlieffen Plan?

The Schlieffen Plan was the strategic plan for victory, in case of the instance where Germany would be fighting a war on two fronts. In order to speed up the process of the Schlieffen Plan and avoid a war on two fronts, Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. In defence of Belgium's neutral standing in the War, Britain declared war on Germany and thus the First World War began, therefore, the hastiness of German forces and the Schlieffen plan; had effectively sparked the First World War. . Vanessa.S

Who wrote the schlieffen plan?

the plan was invented by a count, count Arnold Von Schlieffen

What were the goals for the schlieffen plan?

The goals of the schlieffen plan was to surround Paris and force France into a quick surrender. The schlieffen plan was to move quickly through Belgium, which failed, as German troops were held in Belgium for 6 weeks. The quick surrender of France would have allowed Gremany to turn its attention to Tsarist Russia. Due to the failure of the schlieffen plan, Germany was forced to fight World War One on two fronts and Germany's attempt to swiftly move through Belgium also forced Britain to join the war effort against Germany.

What was the Schlieffen plan responsible for Germany losing World War 1?

No: It was a viable plan for the defeat of France.

What was the battle plan of Germany against France in world war 1?

The failed Von Schlieffen Plan.

In what year was the Schlieffen Plan thought of?

The first version of the Schlieffen Plan was drawn up in 1905.