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Because people died

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Q: Why were people angry about world war 2?
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What hapened at World War 2?

death...........lies.............killings..............and.............angry govermental people biker batering back and forth!

How did you feel when world war 2 started?

I felt angry at all those people who decided to start it and sad that so many people died.

What led to World War 2 in Japan?

Japan was angry because they

What crisis in Japan led to World War 2?

japan was angry because they

How many people were happy during World War 2?

Probably no one at all. They were all angry at at least one or more countries for attacking their homes.

Why were people avoiding World War 2?

The people were avoiding world war 2 because,they were afraid.

How did World War 2 affect people in World War 2?

Usi lemu

How would you feel if you kid got assassinated in world war 2?

Very very sad and angry

What was the handgun used by Nicolas cage in drive angry?

A world war 2 version of the Colt M1911.

Did more people die in WW1 than World War 2?

No, many more people died in World War 2 than world war 1. It is estimated that 16 million people died in World War 1, and around 60 million in World War 2.World War II was no where near as violent as World War I, but yes, more people died in World War II.

Why did more people die in World War 2 then any other war?

Because world war was more dominate and world war 2 has more killing in world war 2

How man people thought in World War 2?

about 9.5 fillpin million people fought in world war 2