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yes, they have sex and that is the chapter that Bella finds out that she is carrying edward baby and she calls rosalie, carlisle finds out and confirms her pregnancy, she is being forced by edward to have an abortion and she says no because she wants the baby, but edward is worrying that she might die if she continues with the pregnancy, then edward is forced to make an emergency c-section and then Bella dies, edward puts his blood in her heart of turn her and then he bites the wound and she wakes up with the strength of a newborn vampire and then they have vampire sex later.if you want to make sure this is all true go the your local book store or even your local libaray or just type this in Bella and edward real sex in the making of breaking dawn. if you have any questions email me at this address Robert_Pattinson_is_hot_4_Jessica_4eves@hotmail

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No, in the movie "Breaking Dawn," the sex scenes between Bella and Edward were portrayed using creative camera angles, lighting, and editing techniques to give the illusion of intimacy without actual explicit content.

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Q: Does Bella and edward have real sex in the making of breaking dawn?
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Will Bella Swan marry Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, Bella marries Edward in Breaking Dawn. For mor information on Breaking Dawn, go to

Does Bella and Edward's wedding take place in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, Bella and Edward get married in the first part of Breaking Dawn.

Does Bella marry edward in twilight?

yes Bella and edward gets married in breaking dawn

Is there love making in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, Bella and Edward make love on their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn, leaving Bella pregnant with a half-human, half-vampire baby.

What does Bella do to edward at the end of breaking dawn?

Bella shows what she is thinking to Edward

Who is Bella's baby daddy in Breaking Dawn?

Edward. They had sex in Breaking Dawn.

When do edward and Bella get married?

Edward and Bella get married in the book "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer, during the summer after Bella's high school graduation.

In Breaking dawn when do Edward and Bella get married?

Edward and Bella get married in Breaking Dawn during the first part of the book, specifically in Chapter 5.

Did Bella and Edward do it?

yes, in breaking dawn

Does Bella and edward have a wedding?

spoileryes Edward and Bella have a wedding in the book Breaking Dawn

Will Bella be a vampire?

In Breaking Dawn, Edward turns Bella into a vampire.

Does Bella and Jacob make love in breaking dawn?

no but Bella and Edward do!!!