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Communication skill is an essential skill since it usually makes or breaks your career.

In work, communication skill is very important to understand and to be understood. That is why a good communicator is very important to any work field.

Usually a great communicator gets to be paid higher.

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Being a good communicator is important because it enhances relationships, fosters understanding, and promotes effective teamwork. Strong communication skills can lead to better conflict resolution, improved problem-solving, and increased productivity in various aspects of life.

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It is what we do. More specifically, one of the first means of communication we exercise is verbal. All babies from every culture in the world make the same sounds until they are around 18 months old. Then they begin to differentiate. For the next four to five years, they use their speech skills to connect to everyone around them.

It is some time after this that the phobia (irrational fear) develops. When questioned, people will invariably choose public speaking over death as their greatest fear. And, it makes no sense.

Every time we speak to two or more friends, we are public speaking. Every time we open our mouths in a restaurant for anything other than eating, we are public speaking. We do it all the time, and in total comfort. Yet, when faced with the proposition of standing at a podium in from of a few people, we lock up. We freeze. We go deer in the headlights.

Why? No rational reason beyond we are rarely required to do it. The thing is, the fear fades with practice. I know this; I taught it.

The secret is not to picture your audience naked or other such ridiculous tricks. The trick is to just talk. It is something we know how to do, and it is something that everyone should have to do, if for no other reason than they would be able to better empathize with those who do speak publicly.

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What i the importance of communication to you as an individual?

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Q: Importance of being a good communicator?
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A salesman must be an excellent communicator. If a salesman is not a good communicator they will not sell anything.

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A manager who does not listen is not a good communicator

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There are many characteristics that lead to a desired temperament for a nurse. These characteristics include being a good communicator, being compassionate, being knowledgeable, and staying levelheaded especially when faced with stressful situations.

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Sometimes, but there are people who are good researchers who are unable to speak in front of an audience.

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Yes she was because she was a good listener.

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