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The only one it really mentions is Romeo and Juliet. She likes Shakespeare. Other than that She watched a Old musical 'May Poppins's' type thing on her honeymoon. She reads more than anything else.

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Bella Thorne has appeared in several movies including "Blended," "The Duff," "Call Me by Your Name," and "Assassination Nation."

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Jumper she plays the sister to the guy the jumps. She is also in Catch that kid

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Q: What movies does Bella play in?
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Who will play Bella?

In the Twilight movies Kristen Stewart plays Bella.

Who play Bella in new moon?

Kristen stwart will be playing the role of Bella swan and she will play Bella in all the other movies.

Are they going to get a different actress to play Bella as a vampire?

No. Kristen Stewart, the girl that plays Bella, has a contract and is promised to play all four movies. Eclipse is already finished, and Breaking Dawn is in production. So she is most definitely playing in the movies.

What movies did Bella Thorne play in?

there is one that i now it would be spy kids 4

Is Kristen Stewart going to play Bella in Eclipse?

Yes. Kristen Stewart signed for all the movies and will not be replaced:)

What kind of movies does Bella Thorne like?

Horror movies

In the books and movies twilight what was all the songs Bella was listening to in the books and movies?

there was Bella's lullaby. you can also get all the songs off the soundtrack.

What does Jacob say to Bella at the movies in new moon?

"Bella, I would never hurt you."

What are the words Jacob said to Bella at the movies?

"What a Marshmallow!""I would never hurt you, Bella"

Is Bella going to play in another movie?

Bella AKA. Kristen Stewart has already starred in a few different movies, and will be starring in Eclipse, K-11, and the yellow handkerchief which are all set to release in 2010.

Where did Bella and jessica eat after going to the movies in twillight?

Bella and Jessica ate at a restaurant called "The Lodge" after going to the movies in Twilight.

Who will play Bella once she is a vampire?

I'm not sure from what I've heard I THINK that someone else will play but I really hope that Kristen Stewart will continue to play Bella through out all the Twilight Saga movies!!!! I know its not much information but only Twilight is out right now so let's hope for the best!!